Ground Force Day in action!


Bee Good Baking

Squelch, went the mixture as we stirred, mixed and kneaded it. We were doing this all because of our bee project, which we have worked tirelessly on. Our homework for last week was to search up on the internet, recipes including honey and we had to make a decision. We decided on honey chicken, baklava and honey bread.  They were really tasty (especially the chicken). We baked all afternoon, and it got rather messy, but it was good fun.

By HollyIMG_0046



Bransby Horses

Bransby Horses

We went to Bransby Horses to pick 6 horses to adopt. Bransby Horses is a place that horses go because they haven’t been treated in a good way.

Mrs Godson (our teacher) took us round all the fields; we were able to pick 6 horses. Bransby Horses has hundreds of acres of land; they always have room for another horse. Bransby Horses was established in 1968 Bransby Horses is one of the UKs largest equine welfare charities.



Bransby Horses

On Monday, we went to Bransby Horses, a large equine welfare charity, which rescues horses and cures most back to health. So we decided to do Bob-a-job, an old scouting tradition used to raise money for something to benefit others. We managed to raise £60 which meant we could adopt 6 horses. 

At Bransby, it was hard to choose just 6 instead of about 20, but in the end the end we chose our 6. I think everyone’s favourites were the donkeys. 

Then, when we went to look at the horses up for foster care, there were two favourites: Peridot (who wouldn’t stop hugging Holly’s mum) and Percy (who was lovely too). We all had a lovely time and wanted to stay.  

By Katelyn




The RAUCEBEE Project

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Year 5 has been extremely busy recently, preparing their entry for the Lincolnshire Show’s Great Gardening Challenge.

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, we went to the show and presented our entry for the challenge.  We were extremely proud of our show garden and our stand inside, and we gave a really good speech to the judges.  We got 2nd place overall!

We are still working on our bee garden at school, which we hope will end up being a wonderful place, not only for the bees, but for the children too.

raucebee project

Bee-autiful Bees

On Thursday, we were incredibly lucky to have a member of Sleaford Beekeepers Association, Mr Fearn, come in and talk to us about beekeeping.


Mr Fearn brought an observation hive with him to show us, as well as some honeycomb, some honey, a smoker, some frames and some beeswax.  The observation hive was quite small but it still had around 2-3000 bees in it!  We learned about queens, workers and drones, as well as lots of other things.

Year 5

Fabulous Felting

On Thursday, as part of our Arts Council project, Laura Mabbutt came into our class to teach us some felting skills.  She helped us to create sushi beads, which were really fun to make, and they turned out beautifully.  After lunch, we got to make amazing felt pictures of places in Rauceby, everyone took part.  They are amazing and we can’t wait to see them in the whole-school display.

Niamh, Fathima and Alyssa


Year 5 Money Raising Success

Bee collecting pollen

Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 5 have been raising money by doing ‘Bob-A-Job’.  We have found all kinds of different ways of raising a few pennies (and pounds) – we have washed dishes, cleaned cars, helped in the garden, baked and sold cakes, walked dogs, watered the plants, made endless cups of tea and generally been incredibly helpful.  In return, we have raised enough money to adopt several of the ponies and donkeys from Bransby Horses, as well as sponsoring two beehives for a year.

We have chosen to sponsor beehives because of our topic on wildlife attracting gardens, with a special focus on bees, for the Lincolnshire Show Great Gardening Challenge.  Bees are in danger and we need to do everything we can to help them to thrive.  We are creating a bee garden at school, too.

If anyone is interested in joining us on our quest to support bees and Bransby horses, please follow these links to find out more about what you can do.

Bransby Horses –

Bransby Horses Junior Club sign up (12 and under – free) –

British Bee Keeping Association (Adopt a Hive) –

In the meantime, keep your gardens full of bee-friendly plants, and eat lots of honey!

Olivia and Nancy